History of the site

The site was created 8 years ago on October 10, 2011, just after discovering Colin in Merlin. His performance just bluffed me, so I decided, very quickly, to create a site on this talented actor. I created this site to allow to a large number of people to discover this young prodigy who deserves more recognition in view of his immense talent.


Copyright © 2011 – 2019. This site is NOT the official site of Colin. He has no official sources on the web. Colin has expressed some apprehension about the internet in the past and has said having a Twitter would cause more frustration for people cause there would be no way he’d be able to answer all the replies he would get. Therefore, to respect his privacy, I not post any gossip or rumors on private life matters and also no paparazzi or stalkerazzi pictures. I not support any kind of bashing or privacy intrusion into Colin’s life and/or the one of people around him. All multimedias contents are copyrighted to their respective owners. If you would like any media removed please contact me at


Since this famous October 10, 2011, the site is updated regularly. This adventure has become what it is thanks to Colin who inspire me with his simplicity and his strength of interpretation and thanks to you, all the people who visit this site and helps me to make it more and more complete. So thank you so much !

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