The Jackal Magazine Interview

Here is Colin’s interview for The Jackal Magazine

First in our new series exploring craftsmanship for the 21st century is actor Colin Morgan. Born and brought up in Northern Ireland, he got his first taste of mainstream success playing the titular role in the BBC series Merlin back in 2008. Over the past decade he has played title roles in The Fall and Humans, and is currently starring in Arthur Miller‘s All My Sons at the Old Vic alongside Sally Field, Bill Pullman and Jenna Coleman.

We sat down with the actor in between scene-readings to talk to him about why a bit of adversity can be a good thing for committing to your chosen career, how the auditions that don’t go his way helped him and why no matter how experienced he gets, he’ll always want to learn more about his craft.

Basic instinct

Acting wasn’t a conscious choice. It sort of chose me. There were no outside influences, like a film I watched or an actor that made me want to be one, too. I’d describe it as a natural instinct.

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The Article Magazine Interview

The Article Magazine has just published a new interview of Colin. You can read it just below:

TDH: You’ve just begun rehearsing for All My Sons. How is it going?
CM: It’s been a whirlwind. The first week is always like that; so many thoughts, ideas, excitement, anticipation. We’ve been in the rehearsal room, meeting people who will be ‘family’ for the next few months — we will actually see them more than our own families. Particularly with this play, All My Sons, it’s all about being part of a family. So it’s an important time, developing those relationships as we develop our characters. 

TDH: And your character has to face some big, life-defining issues. It’s quite an emotional journey.
CM: There’s a lot to get my head around! And the back story, there’s so much. I need to also work out how much is known, revealed on stage, how much only shows up through actions, who knows what. To start with, the time the characters exist in itself is a big influence. Just by going through things like the Depression, how that affected the characters. And WWII. Then layer on top of that the courtroom drama, the history of the family, the relationships between father and son, mother and son, business partners, intergenerational guilt… 

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